How to write a blog post? Right now I am asking this question from myself. I am writing randomly so I request you to must follow till the end that what happens. Let’s start “How to write a blog post”

I am exploring other blogs and want to know that what they are recommending to write my first ever blog post.

Yeah! I found some tips. let me summarize in bullets form

What to do to write the First blog

  1. Select your topic
  2. A great title which attracts user
  3. Captivating intro of your first blog
  4. Outlines
  5. Write content
  6. Proofreading of the first blog
  7. Feature image
  8. Tags
  9. Call to action
  10. On-Page SEO

Now, I want to talk about these points. Let me start for the last number 11. on-page SEO. Right now my on-page SEO is going on and I am checking each point after writing some text. Let me share my screenshot.

How to write a blog
How to write a blog

I tried to add a stroke but couldn’t so request to ignore this issue. let’s move forward while writing our first blog.

Number 10: Call to action. It’s required to sell something. In this blog I and you both are learning so I don’t need any call to action except just following my LinkedIn Profile I will follow you back and will share stories of blogging.


I don’t think so that tags will work anymore as Google bots are too much intelligent now. but let me add and check the screenshot if you want to do it. Tags option is at the left side menu of your blog post editor page.

Sorry, you got bored! 🙁 I am really sorry. Let me try to make it shorter

Feature Image

Next is feature image and I know that you know it better 🙂 Try and download any high quality and catching cover type photo to attract user from social sites postings.

I will do proofreading at the end and will also completely check of SEO green lights 😀 I will show the green lights of Yoast SEO plugging.

Content is at your front, let me know about my first ever blog that I have written while testing and searching for different things.

The topic is how to write my first blog and title is also the same, therefore I don’t need it, however, the next blog will need a bit searching for the topic. Must follow me in the LinkedIn.

Now I want to give some personal suggestions, as I got from this blog post writing. Take out your keyboard and start typing, what you want to love to write, like ASO (App Store Optimization) is my strength and I have done with hundreds of apps of Android and iOS.

We need blog writing for branding our business, ourself and for inbound marketing, as a blog create and develop the trust of the reader, therefore start blogging by Today. It’s amazing

Now Let me share, SEO green lights screenshots, to make it more easy for you that how to write a blog.

How to write a blog post

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