Push and pull is a very classic marketing strategy in which you push the organic traffic by the paid campaign.

“Pull and push” or “Push and pull”?

In the marketing world, this is “push and pull strategy” but in my personal opinion it’s “Pull and Push”. Let me explain it

Working flow and definition:

It’s the strategy of pushing the audience who have already pulled to your product or service. for example; if you have an application or website which is getting organic users from any specific country or region, it means that there is pull for your app/website in that region, so I will give a push by paid campaigns there, which will be 100% successful because the earlier pull has already indicated the market need.

Where to use the Pull and Push Marketing strategy?

Pull and push strategy can be used in any marketing area. I am going to take some examples.

1. Applications/Games

App business is a great example of this strategy as I have already explained in the intro section. If your app is getting users from a region then start a PPC campaign in that area, this is the best way to get higher impression in less spending.

2. Website keywords:

It’s of course very difficult to rank new websites but once a website is ranked for any keyword then hit the same keywords to push the pull. For example, My website trendyspiders.com is a totally new website and I am trying a different kind of topics there. Now let’s suppose keywords related to digital marketing get a pull, then I will target more digital topics and keywords to push this pull to get more traffic and rank on search page results.

3. Digital Product & Services:

Digital marketing is to communicate, engage and convert a user from traffic to a lead and then a brand ambassador. There are many types of PPC campaigns, like shopping, website traffic, universal app campaign, video and so on… It doesn’t matter which one you are using, interesting thing is to where you are getting your users. Like if I am selling an amazon based product in countries where users even don’t know what is amazon then none of my campaigns will be useful. Target them as exactly and check the users’ behavior from analytical data and decide where is the pull for my product or service. Apply the business rule, “Spend there, where is profit”

Pull and Push Marketing strategy in Facebook

Facebook is also providing a great insight into the audience on the users’ interest base, which can be utilized for pull and push strategy.

Increase your website traffic, generate leads, get installs more by 10 times with push and pull strategy. It requires data analysis of users to take the decision to push. Never market blindly as the budget you spend, will never return if there is no accurate identification of exact users.

Your customers maybe your brand ambassadors

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Pull and Push Marketing strategy

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